Awassi Coat Colour/Pattern Traits

Sex Mean SD SE SS Trait Value Location MC
Overall Predominantly white with brown or red faces. Legs are curved with short wihte hair with occasional colored patches. Naami, Shefali, Turkmenistan
Overall The Jordan Awassi is covered with white wool except for the face, the abdominal region and the lower parts of the limbs which are wool free but covered with short hair. The head of the animal is predominantly brown but sometimes black, and legs are brown Baladi, United Kingdom
Overall Predominantly white with a mostly brown head and legs. The other color variations found are white-gray spotted or all white heads and, occasionally, white forehead patches. Unspecified-1402883446, Western Sahara
Overall Is dirty white, while the head is usually brown. The share of black-headed animals in the population is 3-5%. The brown or the black coloration does not occur uniformly, and some animals may be totally white while in other s the brown or black color may r Unspecified-1402883446, Turkey