all Beard Description Traits

Sex Mean SD SE SS Trait Value Location MC
Male A beard is present on 72% of males. Ruffs are absent. Wattles are present on 14% of goats. Kotu-Oromo, Ethiopia On Farm
Overall All males have beard but only 12 percent of females. Mozambique (Landim=Landrace in Portuguese); Small East African., Mozambique
Overall Usually males have well developed and often bifid beard. Sudan Desert., Sudan
Overall Beards are present on 88.2% of males and 18.4% of females. Ruffs are present on 94.1% males and 31.8% of females. Wattles are present on 5.9% males and 6.6% females. Tseada, Arab, Melege, Bilena, Boggos, Hamasen, Asaorta., Eritrea
Overall Beard and ruff were present in all goats. No wattles were recorded. Shukria, Sciucria, Langae, Hassen, Beladi, Bledi., Eritrea
Unspecified Males and some females are bearded. Unspecified-1402883403, Uganda On Station
Overall Beards are present in 79% of males and 14% of females. Ruffs were absent. Wattles were found in 5% of all goats. Ogaden, Modugh, Mudugh, Dighier, Deghiyer, Dighi Yer, Denghier,Abgal, Ogaden, Issa-Somali, Habab, Maria, Bimal, Ethiopia
Unspecified Usually absent. Sudanese Nubian, Shukria, Sciucria, Sudan
Overall "Beard" of mohar is present both in males and females. Unspecified-1402883398, South Africa
Male Exist in males but comparatively rudimentary. Sudanese Nubian, Shukria, Sciucria, Sudan On Farm