all Horn Description Traits

Sex Meansort descending SD SE SS Trait Value Location MC
Ewe Generally horned Unspecified-1402883451, Turkey
Unspecified Absent in sheep from eastern Sudan but males from the west are usually horned and about 5 percent of females in west are also horned. The horns are spiral in shape. Arab, Ashgur, Shugor, Butana, Beja, Drashiani, Dubasi, Gash, Kababish, Watish, Baqqara, Barka (Shukria), Hamale., Sudan
Overall The horns, which are a striking feature of the Kuri, are very large, being bulbous (the circumference at the base may exceeds 24 ins.) are conical in shape and average some 30 ins. in length. Borrie, Nigeria On Station
Overall Horns are found on all males, and 89% are spiral while 11% are straight. They are directed backwards. Unspecified-1402883398, Ethiopia On Farm
Overall Generally, the males have horns while the ewes are polled. Some ewes do have horns, however Unspecified-1402883449, Turkey
Overall Horns usually present in males, slightly ribbed and spiralling backwards and outwards, then forwards. Unspecified-1402883412, Niger
Overall Vary greatly. In many animals they are short and not very think passing outwards and slightly forwards and often with only a slight curve in them. In other animals the horns project form pedestal-like. Unspecified-1402883391, Kenya On Farm
Overall Both sexes are horneless. Danakil, Adal, Ethiopia On Station
Overall Males are horned, while ewes are usually polled. Unspecified-1402883451, Turkey
Unspecified Are short Unspecified-1402883376, Sudan