all Tail Type Traits

Sex Mean SD SE SS Trait Value Location MC
Overall Long, thin but with varying amounts of fat at base or farther down depending on tribal type. Arab, Ashgur, Shugor, Butana, Beja, Drashiani, Dubasi, Gash, Kababish, Watish, Baqqara, Barka (Shukria), Hamale., Sudan
Overall Has two lobes, making an S shape, and extends well below the hocks: In some individuals it may even touch the ground. Unspecified-1402883450, Turkey
Overall Fat tail with wide base. Danakil, Adal, Ethiopia On Station
Overall Triangular with a relatively narrow base and hanging strait down or with a slight twist at the end. Unspecified-1402883397, Ethiopia
Male Is circular in fashion. The tail on males can reach 30 cm lemgth, 25 cm width and 12 kg weigh Baladi, United Kingdom
Overall Comprises three parts: the first broad and firm close to the rump, not hanging down and not tapering; the second is curved upwards and rests against the centre of the first, tapers towards the apex, which levels at the back, and shows a clean black skin a Blackhead Ogaden, Boran, Adal, Afar Blackhead,, Ethiopia
Overall Lacks fat deposits and is fairly long, reaching the hocks. Unspecified-1402883450, Turkey
Overall Fat tail of the breed is triangular in shape (hanging straight downwards with a rare twisted end, hanging down just above or reaching the hocks. Bonga, Ethiopia On Farm
Overall Fat-tailed, variable in shape, length and amount of fat deposit. Unspecified-1402883412, Uganda
Overall Broad and flat, with the main part being divided into two along the sacral vertebrae. The tip narrows and curves upwards before curving downwards once more. In some animals the wool-less pink and skin-covered part of the tail turns slightly upwards and ca Unspecified-1402883446, Turkey