all Hump Traits

Sex Mean SD SE SS Trait Value Location MC
Overall Very small cervico-thoracic hump. Unspecified-1402883387, Burundi
Overall Thoracic Unspecified-1402883497, Kenya On Farm
Overall Well developed especially in the bull. It is rounded from front to back and with a light fall at the back. It is placed firmly over the withers and with a slight fall at the back. It is placed firmly over the withers and is thoracic in position. Unspecified-1402883386, Nigeria On Station
Overall Thoracic conical and well developed. Unspecified-1402883383, Madagascar
Overall Is well developed especially in the bull. In position the hump is cervico-thoracic while in composition it is muscular. It is strongly attached and may weigh over 20 lbs. Unspecified-1402883390, South Africa
Female Small Unspecified-1402883394, Ethiopia
Overall The hump, though larger in the bull than in the cow or ox is small. It is well attached and cervico-thoracic in position. Unspecified-1402883388, Zimbabwe
Overall Small hump Unspecified-1402883444, Ethiopia
Overall Is large Unspecified-1402883376, Sudan
Overall Large and prominent in both sexes, but it is large in males. The position of the hump is thoracic. Unspecified-1402883376, Ethiopia On Station