all Dewlap Traits

Sex Mean SD SE SS Trait Value Location MC
Overall Vary from being small to moderately well developed. Unspecified-1402883385, Nigeria
Overall not well developed Unspecified-1402883496, Nigeria
Overall Present in all animals, and its size is small to medium. Bulls can have large and folded dewlaps. Unspecified-1402883390, Ethiopia On Station
Overall Well developed Blackhead Ogaden, Boran, Adal, Afar Blackhead,, Ethiopia
Overall Moderately developed. Peuhl, Foulbé , Cameroon
Overall 24 - 30cm long and 20cm depth Unspecified-1402883394, Ethiopia
Overall Small but free of folds. Unspecified-1402883381, Uruguay
Unspecified Dewlap is frequently present on the neck and tail. Danakil, Adal, Ethiopia On Station
Overall Dewlap is not well developed, neither looseness nor flesh folds being seen except in those animals with a high degree of Sanga blood. Unspecified-1402883372, Sudan On Station
Overall Dewlap sheath and umbilical fold are poorly to moderately well developed. Peuhl, Foulbé , Cameroon