Breeds in No name

Speciessort descending Group Breed Synonyms
Cattle Zenga Bovines of Tete
Cattle Humpless Shorthorns Nigerian Forest Muturu Kirdi
Cattle Small East African Zebu Lugware Bahu, Kuku, Mangbattu
Cattle Commercial Composites Bonsmara
Cattle Small East African Zebu Goffa Goffa Dwarf
Cattle Small East African Zebu Tanzanian Maasai Maasai Grey, Maasai
Cattle Humpless Shorthorns Baoule Lobi (in Bouna division) and Mere (but this confuses with the name of zebu crosses with Lobi).
Cattle Sanga Tonga
Cattle Commercial Composites Salers
Cattle Large East African Zebu Improved Boran
Cattle Recently Derived Breeds Rana Omby Rana
Cattle West African Zebu Azaouak Tuareg (in Burkina Faso), Adar, Shanun Adar (in Hausa), Tagana, Azawa, Azawal, Azawaje (in Fulani), Arab (in Niger), Azawak and AzaouakDamerghou
Cattle Commercial Composites Simmental
Cattle Sanga Tuli Harvey's Cattle, named after the settler farmer who collected the original Amabowe cattle that provided the foundation stock for the Tuli.
Cattle Small East African Zebu Nandi Zebu
Cattle Humpless Longhorns N'Dama Boenca, Boyenca, Fouta Jallon, Fout, Malinke, Mandingo, N'Dama Petite, Fouta Malinke, Futa, N'Dama Peti, Gambian Longhorn
Cattle Sanga Watusi Rwanda Sanga, Burundi Sanga, Kivu (in DR Congo).
Cattle Commercial Composites Tidili Ouzguitia
Cattle Humpless Shorthorns Lagune Mayombe or Dahomey (in DR Congo), Lagoon (in Ghana)
Cattle Recently Derived Breeds Basuto
Cattle Commercial Composites Banyo Adamawa Gudali
Cattle Large East African Zebu Murle
Cattle West African Zebu Fellata (Bororo)
Cattle North African Humpless Shorthorns Baladi Menufi; Beheri
Cattle Small East African Zebu Baherie Arab Cattle, Bahari, Berbera