all Adaptability Traits

Sex Mean SD SE SS Trait Value Emplacement MC
Overall Trypanotolerant, adapted to humid climate. Unspecified-1402883372, Cote d'Ivoire On Station
Overall Adapted to humid environment Unspecified-1402883373, Benin
Overall Very resistant and adapted to the extremely harsh conditions of the area. Unspecified-1402883386, Ethiopia
Overall Good swimmers Borrie, Nigeria
Overall Hardy, resistant to trypanosomiasis and prolific. West African Dwarf, African Pygmy, African Dwarf, Cameroon Dwarf, Nigerian Dwarf, Hausa, Kosi, Mossi, Cameroon Grassland, Kirdi, Kirdimi, Cameroon
Overall Resistant to tick bites. Konkomba , Togo
Overall Long distance walking ability, drought resistant, reasonable conception rate under severe environmental condition, excellent mothering ability, well developed herd instinct, more docile and tractable than other zebu, tick-borne and other diseases resistan Unspecified-1402883374, Ethiopia
Female Hardy well acclimatised . Unspecified-1402883372, Sudan On Station
Overall Hardy, resistant to trypanosomiasis and prolific West African Maned, Mosi, Cameroon Dwarf (Blackbelly), Kirdi, Kirdimi, Massa, Poulfouli , Cameroon On Farm
Overall Excellently adapted to semi sedentary life in a swampy living area. Borrie, Nigeria