Species Nomtrier par ordre décroissant Synonyms
Buffalo Bangladeshi
Pigs Bantu
Cattle Banyo Adamawa Gudali
Cattle Baoule Lobi (in Bouna division) and Mere (but this confuses with the name of zebu crosses with Lobi).
Sheep Barbarine
Sheep Barbary Libyan Barbary; Tunisian Barbarin; Algerian Barbarin.
Goats Barguirmi Maradi Zinder Brown, Chevre reusse de Maradi
Cattle Baria
Cattle Barka Begait
Goats Barka Bellenay, Beni Amer
Goats Barki Sahrawi (literally means desert);
Sheep Barki Arab; Barqi; Bedouin; Dernawi (from the town of Derna); Maryuti; Libyan; Mariouti.
Cattle Barotse Lozi, Rowzi, Rozi, Baila
Cattle Barra do Cuanzo
Cattle Bashi