Breeds in Somalia

Speciestrier par ordre croissant Groupe Breed Synonyms
Sheep Fat-rumped Hair sheep Blackhead Somali Berbera Blackhead, Blackhead Ogaden, Toposa (Sudan), Murle, Turkana, Gabbra, Boran, Adali (Afar blackhead), Blackhead Persian (in South Africa after genetic improvement), East African Blackheaded Persian (Uganda).
Sheep Thin-tailed Hair sheep Djallonke West African Dwarf, Forest, Guinea, Ghana Dwarf, Nigerian Dwarf, Cameroon Dwarf, West African Maned, Mosi, Blackbelly (Cameroon Dwarf), Mayo-Kebbi, Kirdi (southern Chad).
Goats Short-eared Small-horned Short-eared Somali Ogaden, Galla, Modugh, Mudugh, Dighier, Deghiyer, Dighi Yer, Denghier, Abgal, Ogaden, Issa-Somali, Habab, Maria, Bimal
Goats Short-eared Small-horned Somali Arab Arab
Goats Lop-eared goats Benadir Bimal, Cherre, Tuni
Goats Short-eared Small-horned Djallonke West African Dwarf, African Pygmy, African Dwarf, Chevre de Fouta Djallon, Guinean, Guinean Dwarf, Chevre guineene; Cameroon Dwarf, Ghana Dwarf, Ghana Forest, Forest Dwarf, Nigerian Dwarf, Grassland Dwarf, Congo Dwarf; Chevre Naine, Chevre de Casamance,
Goats Short-eared Small-horned Long-eared Somali Large-White Somali, Galla, Digodi, Melebo, Boran Somali, Benadir, Gigwain
Cattle Humpless Shorthorns Lagune Mayombe or Dahomey (in DR Congo), Lagoon (in Ghana)
Cattle Small East African Zebu North Somali Zebu
Cattle Large East African Zebu Somali Boran Awai
Cattle Zenga Jiddu or Tuni Tuni, Surco, Sucra, Surug, Macien, Serenele, Serenli
Cattle Small East African Zebu Ogaden Zebu Lowland Zebu
Cattle Humpless Longhorns N'Dama Boenca, Boyenca, Fouta Jallon, Fout, Malinke, Mandingo, N'Dama Petite, Fouta Malinke, Futa, N'Dama Peti, Gambian Longhorn
Cattle Small East African Zebu Garre Dauara
Cattle Humpless Shorthorns Baoule Lobi (in Bouna division) and Mere (but this confuses with the name of zebu crosses with Lobi).
Cattle Small East African Zebu Gasara Mudugh, Nogal, Mjiertein, Abgal, Aria