Breeds in Zambia

Speciestrier par ordre décroissant Groupe Breed Synonyms
Cattle Small East African Zebu Angoni Ngoni
Cattle Sanga Tonga
Cattle Sanga Barotse Lozi, Rowzi, Rozi, Baila
Cattle North African Humpless Shorthorns Brown Atlas Brune de l' Atlas (Algeria; Morocco; Tunisia); Beldi; Blonde des Plateux; d'Oulmes et des Zaers;Oulmes Blond, Oulmes, Blond Moroccan, Blond Zaers, Moroccan Blond (Morocco); Libyan Brown Atlas, Libyan Shorthorn, Mahalli (Libya).
Cattle Sanga Africander Afrikaner (in Africaans); Izankayi
Chickens Variety/Ecotype Nkhuku
Goats Lop-eared goats Berber Algerian Berber; Moroccan Berber; Tunisian; Arab(?) (Tunisia); Libyan; Mahalli (Libya).
Sheep Fat-tailed Coarse Wool (wavy wooled) Barki Arab; Barqi; Bedouin; Dernawi (from the town of Derna); Maryuti; Libyan; Mariouti.
Sheep Fat-tailed Coarse Wool (wavy wooled) Ghimi
Sheep Fat-tailed Coarse Wool (wavy wooled) Libyan Barbary