Breeds in Zambia

Species Groupe Breedtrier par ordre décroissant Synonyms
Cattle Sanga Africander Afrikaner (in Africaans); Izankayi
Cattle Small East African Zebu Angoni Ngoni
Sheep Fat-tailed Coarse Wool (wavy wooled) Barki Arab; Barqi; Bedouin; Dernawi (from the town of Derna); Maryuti; Libyan; Mariouti.
Cattle Sanga Barotse Lozi, Rowzi, Rozi, Baila
Goats Lop-eared goats Berber Algerian Berber; Moroccan Berber; Tunisian; Arab(?) (Tunisia); Libyan; Mahalli (Libya).
Cattle North African Humpless Shorthorns Brown Atlas Brune de l' Atlas (Algeria; Morocco; Tunisia); Beldi; Blonde des Plateux; d'Oulmes et des Zaers;Oulmes Blond, Oulmes, Blond Moroccan, Blond Zaers, Moroccan Blond (Morocco); Libyan Brown Atlas, Libyan Shorthorn, Mahalli (Libya).
Sheep Fat-tailed Coarse Wool (wavy wooled) Ghimi
Sheep Fat-tailed Coarse Wool (wavy wooled) Libyan Barbary
Chickens Variety/Ecotype Nkhuku
Cattle Sanga Tonga