Rwanda-Burundi-Tanzania Long-tailed


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Tanganyika Long-legged, Ugogo
African Long-fat-tailed
Special Characteristics: 
Relatively small body size (height of 55 to 65 cm); forehead is broad and short with a convex facial profile; males have typical fat pads on nose and behind poll as in all African fat-tailed sheep; both sexes are usually hornless; ears are medium in length and pendulous towards the front with occasional vestigial ears (Wilson, 1991).
Main Location: 
Found in Rwanda, Burundi, Kivu province of DR Congo south-west Uganda and extreme north-west of Tanzania; the climate is subhumid with bimodal rainfall of 800 to 1200 mm in a wide altitude range of 1200 to 2500 m; the production system agro-pastoral and agricultural (Wilson, 1991).
(Phenotypically similar to the Tanzania Long-legged sheep).