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Malagasy, Malgache
African Long-fat-tailed
Special Characteristics: 
Typically white or light brown coat, often with large red, brown or black patches; the head and neck are often black, the rest of the body being white in the same pattern as the Blackhead Somali sheep; the feet are black; head profile is convex, ears are long and pendent; horns are either small or absent; the tail is long and characteristically sickle shaped with an accumulation of fat at the base; the dewlap is sometimes well developed; the hairy coat consists of coarse fibre (Mason and Maule, 1960).
Main Location: 
Found in Madagascar, mostly in the southern region.
The well developed, long, fat tail and coarse hairy coat of this breed suggest a common origin with other fat-tailed African sheep types. In appearance they resemble the black-headed sheep of Tanganyika and Uganda (Mason and Maule, 1960).