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Nguni, (Landim= Landrace in Portuguese)
Special Characteristics: 
Relatively small body size (65 cm height); broad and short forehead, with convex facial profile; males have fat pads on face and poll, but occur less frequently on females; horns absent in both sexes; ears pendulous but rather short, and atrophied or vestigial ears are present in 12% of the population; toggles absent in both sexes; neck relatively long and fine; brisket not well developed; tails tapering and similar in both sexes; coat colour is variable; hair coat is coarse and usually short (Wilson, 1991).
Main Location: 
Limited to Mozambique, mainly south of the Limpopo river; the environment has semi-arid to subhumid climate; the production system is agro-pastoral with subsistence crops as the dominant farm enterprise (Wilson, 1991).
The original Nguni sheep migrated to southern Africa with the Nguni people between 200 and 400 AD down the eastern coast to the area of their present distribution.