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Groupe Breedtrier par ordre décroissant Synonyms
Short-eared Small-horned Abergelle
Developed / composite breeds Abidi
Commercial Composites Abondance
Developed / composite breeds Aboudeleik
Developed goat breeds Abouramad-Halaieb-Shalateen AHS
Variety/Ecotype Ac chicken Black 5 toes chicken
Small East African Zebu Adwa
Variety/Ecotype Afabird NA.
Short-eared Small-horned Afar Adal, Assaorta, Denakil, Abyssinian short-eared
Small East African Zebu Afar
Unidentified Dromedary Camel Afar Afar
Fat-tailed Hair Sheep Afar Danakil, Adal
Unidentified Buffalo Afghanistan yak Afghanistan yak
Commercial Composites African aurochs African urus; Hahni Hilzheimer
Sanga Africander Afrikaner (in Africaans); Izankayi
Fat-tailed Hair Sheep Africander Cape fat-tailed, Namaqua Africander, Ronderib Africander, Blinkhaar, Steekhaar, Nama
Developed / composite breeds Afrino
Fat-tailed Sheep Afshari
Thin-tailed coarse wool sheep Ait Mohad
Fat-tailed Coarse Wool (wavy wooled) Akale-Guzay Shimenzana, Rashaidi
Fat-tailed Fur sheep Akkaraman Common Akkaraman; White Karaman
Thin-tailed coarse wool sheep Aknoul
Unidentified Buffalo Albania Buffaloes
Unidentified Buffalo Albinoid of the central part of the country
Unidentified Buffalo Albinoid of the western part of the country