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Groupe Breedtrier par ordre décroissant Synonyms
Fat-tailed Sheep Bahmei
Humpless Shorthorns Bakosi Bakuri, Kosi
Unidentified Pig Bakosi
Humpless Shorthorns Bakweri
Variety/Ecotype Balachie
Lop-eared goats Baladi Egyptian; Bedouin
North African Humpless Shorthorns Baladi Menufi; Beheri
Variety/Ecotype Baladi Beheri NA
Thin-tailed Hair sheep Balami
Small East African Zebu Bale
Fat-tailed Sheep Baluchi Persian Sheep
Unidentified Pig Bama Xiang Zhu Bamm Mini Pig
Unidentified Pig Bamei Jingchuan
Zebu Bami
Unidentified Pig Bamm Mini Pig
Unidentified Buffalo Bangladeshi
Unidentified Pig Bantu
Commercial Composites Banyo Adamawa Gudali
Humpless Shorthorns Baoule Lobi (in Bouna division) and Mere (but this confuses with the name of zebu crosses with Lobi).
Fat-tailed Sheep Barbarine
Fat-tailed Coarse Wool (wavy wooled) Barbary Libyan Barbary; Tunisian Barbarin; Algerian Barbarin.
Short-eared Twisted horn Barguirmi Maradi Zinder Brown, Chevre reusse de Maradi
Small East African Zebu Baria
Lop-eared goats Barka Bellenay, Beni Amer
Large East African Zebu Barka Begait