Breeds in Zimbabwe

Species 그룹정렬 - 내림차순 Breed Synonyms
Sheep Developed / composite breeds Dorper White Dorper, Dorsian, Dorsie (in Afrikaans)
Sheep Developed / composite breeds Wiltiper
Sheep Fat-tailed Hair Sheep Sabi Rhodesian, Zimbabwie, Mashona
Sheep Fat-tailed Hair Sheep Tswana
Sheep Fine Wool Sheep South African Merino Multi-horned Merino
Goats Lop-eared goats Tswana Bechuanaland (but obsolete).
Cattle Sanga Tuli Harvey's Cattle, named after the settler farmer who collected the original Amabowe cattle that provided the foundation stock for the Tuli.
Cattle Sanga Africander Afrikaner (in Africaans); Izankayi
Cattle Sanga Mashona Amajanja, Ikomo eza Makakanga, Makalanga, Makaranga, Mombe, Ngombe, Ngombe Dza Maswina, Ngombe Dza Vakaranga.
Cattle Sanga Nkone Manguni, Matabele, Inkone, Govuvu,Ngoni
Goats Short-eared Small-horned Ndebele Bantu, Matabeleland, Matebele
Goats Short-eared Small-horned Zimbabwe Mashona, Small East African
Pigs Unidentified Pig Mkota Mukota, Rhodesian Indigenous,Zimbabwe Indigenous