Humpless Shorthorns - Breeds

Species정렬 - 내림차순 Breed Synonyms
Cattle Ghana Shorthorn Ghanaian Shorthorn, Gold Coast Shorthorn, WAS (but ambiguous).
Cattle Sheko Shewa-Ghimira, Goda, Mitzan
Cattle Lagune Mayombe or Dahomey (in DR Congo), Lagoon (in Ghana)
Cattle Kapsiki Kidri
Cattle Liberia Dwarf Muturu Liberian Muturu
Cattle Nigerian Savanna Muturu Muturu (a Hausa term meaning 'humpless')
Cattle Bakosi Bakuri, Kosi
Cattle Logone Lagone
Cattle Somba Atacora (in Benin), Mango, Konkomba (in Togo).
Cattle Baoule Lobi (in Bouna division) and Mere (but this confuses with the name of zebu crosses with Lobi).
Cattle Lobi Lobo-Goui, Mere-Lobi, Mere (but this name is better left for their crosses with zebu).
Cattle Bakweri
Cattle Doayo Namji, Namchi, Namshi, Poli, Donayo, M'Bougi
Cattle Nigerian Forest Muturu Kirdi
Cattle Ghana Dwarf Muturu Muturu, Forest Shorthorn