Van Rooy


오류 메시지

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Van Rooy While Persian
Fat-rumped hair Sheep
Special Characteristics: 
The breed is characteristically fat-rumped and polled; it also has a characteristic dewlap from the jaw to the brisket and a very prominent chest and brisket; a combination of hair and wool covers parts of the body; body size is medium to large (Ramsay et al., n.d.).
Main Location: 
Found in Orange Free State of South Africa; the normal production environment is arid to semi-arid.
Development of this breed was initiated in 1906. It was developed by crossing the Africander with the Rambouillet for several generations, the crossbred were then mated to the Blackhead Somali. The breed was named after the original breeder (Mason and Maule, 1960). Ramsay et al. (n.d.) described composition of the breed a little differently, in that the Blackhead Somali is not mentioned and another breed, the Wensleydale, is mentioned.