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Fine Wool
Special Characteristics: 
A large framed, hardy, dual purpose, white wool breed; producing a heavy carcass and quality wool with a fine fibre diameter; Afrino rams are selected on growth and fleece traits while ewes are selected for reproduction, mothering and fertility (Ramsay et al., n.d.).
Main Location: 
Inhabits northwestern Karoo of South Africa; the natural environment is semi-arid.
The Afrino was a result of breeding and evaluation project initiated at the Carnarvon Experimental Station in the north-western Karoo following an identified need for a fertile, white-wool, mutton sheep for extensive grazing areas. Evaluations showed that a combination of 25% Merino, 25% Ronderib Africander and 50% Mutton Merino produced the best results and this formed the basis of the Afrino. The breeders´ society of South Africa was established in 1980 (Ramsay et al., n.d.).