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Sanabawi; Sohagi; Kurassi.
Special Characteristics: 
Body size is large with weights of about 52 kg; coat colour is black or brown, and the fleece is long. The Sanabawi variety has more of red coat with red, black or white head. Both sexes have convex facial profile (Roman nose); the tail is long, fat and cylindrical and reached to the ground. A pronounced dewlap is visible after shearing (Mason, 1967).
Main Location: 
This breed is found only in its native area around Beni-Adi in the Asyut province of Upper Egypt (Said) (Mason, 1967).
This breed is the oldest Egyptian breed in Upper Egypt. It is similar in general appearance to the Baladi goat of the Delta region, except that it has larger head and bigger body frame. It is believed to have the genetic influence of Sudanese goats from the south of its home area and hence expected to have better tolerance to high temperatures.