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Sex Mean SD SE SS Trait Value Localização MC
Female Hardy well acclimatised . Unspecified-1402883372, Sudan On Station
Overall 53.59 418 Efficient under the marginal production environment. Unspecified-1402883453, Niger On Farm
Overall Good swimmers Borrie, Nigeria
Overall Trypanotolerant Boenca, Boyenca, Fouta Jallon, Fout, Malinke, Mandingo, N'Dama Petite, Outa Malinke, Futa, Somalia On Farm
Overall They are heat tolerant. Unspecified-1402883406, South Africa
Overall Resistant to tick bites. Konkomba , Togo
Overall Fond of wallowing in water. Borrie, Nigeria
Overall Adapted to humid environment Unspecified-1402883373, Benin
Overall Trypanotolerant, adapted to humid climate. Unspecified-1402883372, Cote d'Ivoire On Station
Overall Well adapted to heat and humidity in Lake area. Unspecified-1402883370, Chad