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Mudugh, Nogal, Mjiertein, Abgal, Aria
Somali Shorthorned zebu
Special Characteristics: 
Small and thin body, presumably due to the harsh prevailing environment; small, thoracic hump; coat colour is mostly lead-grey, but dark red, yellowish-brown and patchy colours also occur (Felius, 1995).
Main Location: 
Found in central and northern Somalia.
The name Gasara was originally used to refer to all the small zebu cattle of Somalia, but was found to be unfamiliar to some tribes. Subsequently, the name was used also to include cattle of Mudugh, Nogal and Mjiertein. Today the name is used to refer to the cattle confined to central and northern Somalia. The Somali Shorthorned Zebu is believed to have descended from the recent introductions of zebu into Africa from Asia, including the Arabian Peninsula (Rege and Tawah, 1999).