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Omby Rana
European taurine x zebu cross
Special Characteristics: 
Fine bodied with dairy conformation.
Main Location: 
Inhabits the central high plateau of Madagascar.
Derived from non-systematic crossing of the Madagascar Zebu and imported European dairy breeds from the 1840s. The objective was to develop a better dairy animal. The sire breeds include Bordeaux, Gascony, Garonne, Breton Black Pied and Normande. Indiscriminate crossbreeding followed additional importations of the Normande between 1926 and 1930, the Friesian from 1945 and more recently the Norwegian Red. The latter introductions of European Breeds caused serious dilution of the original Rana as it was known in the 1900s. There is no distinction between the true Rana and recent crossbreds. The low local demand for milk might have contributed for its poor development.