Red Maasai


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Maasai, Tanganyika Short-tailed, Kipsigis, Luo, Nandi, Samburu
East African Fat-tailed
Special Characteristics: 
Coat colour is variable, but mostly red; hair coat relatively long; relatively large body size (70 cm height); forehead is short and broad; head profile is convex in males and straight in females; pads of fat occur on the front of face and behind the poll in males, but are less common in females than in other fat-tailed sheep; horns often present in both sexes; known to have genetic resistance to helminth infestation (Wilson, 1991).
Main Location: 
Inhabits northern Tanzania and south-central Kenya; principally owned by the Maasai pastoralists, but similar sheep are owned by many other tribes in Kenya (the Nandi, Busia and Bukusu), northern and central Tanzania (e.g. Gogo), and the drier parts of Uganda (e.g. the Karamoja); altitude ranges from 500 to 1500 m, and climate is semi-arid with bimodal rainfall; the production systems are either pastoral or agro-pastoral (Wilson, 1991).