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Tseada, Arab, Melege, Bilena, Boggos, Hamasen, Asaorta
Ethiopian Rift Valley Family
Special Characteristics: 
A short (61cm height) and small goat with concave facial profile; hair coat is short and smooth, and some goats have hairy thighs; coat colour patterns are predominantly pied; 88% of males and 18% of females are bearded; ruffs are present on 94% of males and 32% of females; wattles are rare (6%) (FARM-Africa, 1996).
Main Location: 
Distributed mainly in the eastern lowlands and mid-altitudes of Eritrea around Keren and Nakfa; also found in the Rift Valley strip of northern Eritrea; the climate is semi-arid to subhumid, but the production system is mainly pastoral; the Rashida and Tigre pastoralists are nomadic and the Billen are transhumant (FARM-Africa, 1996).
Probably derived from early importation from Yemen and Saudi Arabia (FARM-Africa, 1996).