Small East African


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East African Dwarf, Sebei, Karamoja, Tanzania, Zambian.
Small East African Meat Goat
Special Characteristics: 
A generalised and diverse group of goats with variable type, conformation and size of body; adult goats stand on average 60 cm at withers and weigh 25 kg; a hardy animals generally used for meat rather than milk; both sexes are horned, and horns are of variable size ranging from 3 to 25 cm in length; shape of ears is also variable, but typical are prick ears of moderate size; wattles are fairly common; the coat hair is short, fine and smooth; in some males the shoulders, back and flanks are covered with longer hairs; coat colour is variable in colour type and pattern (Epstein, 1971).
Main Location: 
Inhabits a wide and diverse range of environments in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.