all Wattle Description Traits

Sex Mean SD SE SS Trait Value Location MC
Overall Most of females and some of males have wattles. Damascus, Western Sahara On Station
Overall Sometimes present Small East African., Malawi On Farm
Female Approximately 7% of female sheep possess wattles. Unspecified-1402883449, Turkey
Overall Toggles or wattles are present in 7% of goats Mozambique (Landim=Landrace in Portuguese); Small East African., Mozambique On Station
Overall 4 – 5% of the animals have wattles. Unspecified-1402883500, Turkey
Overall Mostly absent except for 3% of the female sheep. Bonga, Ethiopia On Farm
Overall Two Wattles are found under the throat. Unspecified-1402883446, Turkmenistan
Overall Appears on both sexes. Bechuanaland (but obsolete)., Niger On Farm
Overall 5-10 cm long Unspecified-1402883451, United Kingdom
Male Exist in male but comparatively rudimentary. Sudanese Nubian, Shukria, Sciucria, Sudan On Farm