Namaqua Afrikaner, Transvaal


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Special Characteristics: 
A black- or red-headed, fat-tailed sheep with dark hooves and horns; long legs enables it to travel long distances in search of grazing and water; the hairy coat is smooth and shiny and the fat tail often has a curl in it (Ramsay et al., n.d.).
Main Location: 
Found in South Africa and southern Namibia.
The original Africander sheep entered South Africa between 200 and 400 AD. The Nama people kept the original Namaqua Arficander in the harsh, dry areas of the northwest Cape and southern Namibia. Crossbreeding for a more market-acceptable carcass almost led to extinction of this breed; the last breeding flocks were bred in the Upington Research Station (Ramsay et al., ND).
In the northwest Cape and southern Namibia.