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Grand Targui (Ara-Ara, Argooradji), Petit Targui, Tuareg
African Long-legged
Special Characteristics: 
Coat colour is white with some spotting; red colour also occurs; prominent forehead with strongly convex facial profile, muzzle is narrow; horns are usually present in males and usually absent in females; horns are strongly ribbed and spiral backwards; toggles occur in both sexes; the back line is straight and fairly long; legs are long with flat tights and light flesh; udder is well developed (Wilson, 1991).
Main Location: 
Inhabits north-east Mali from the top of the Niger bend and Timbuktu, north to the Adrar n’Iforas at about 19°N and eastwards to Niger from Niamey and Dosso in the south to the Air region in the north; the environment ranges from semi-arid to extreme arid; the production systems are pastoral, transhumant and nomadic, and to a lesser extent agro-pastoral (Wilson, 1991).
The hairy thin tailed type of sheep like the Touareg originated in western Asia, and entered Africa through the Isthmus of Suez and Bab el Mandeb. Until the third Millennium BC, the hairy thin-tailed sheep was the only type of sheep on the African continent. Domestic sheep had reached Egypt and other parts of North Africa by 5000 BC (Epstein, 1971).