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Ausimi; Osemi; Ausemy; Meraisi.
Special Characteristics: 
The breed has a narrow, shallow body on long, spindly legs; the coat colour is white with reddish brown head. The fleece is coarse and open, but head and legs are bare. The head profile is slightly convex. Rams are horned but ewes are polled. The tail is heavy and twisted and ends abruptly in a thin end-piece (Mason, 1967).
Main Location: 
The breed inhabits a growing area of the Nile valley and the Delta area; it is also expanding further south replacing other breeds. It has been introduced to the oases west of the Nile valley. However, the breed id more productive in middle Egypt than in the Upper Egypt (Mason, 1967).
The present-day population probably originated in Giza; its name is related to a village near Cairo.