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Groupe Breedtrier par ordre décroissant Synonyms
Thin-tailed coarse wool sheep Taadmit Queue Fine de l'Ouest (=Thin-Tailed of the West, in Tunisia)
Thin-tailed coarse wool sheep Tadla Ben Meskine
Unidentified Pig Taichung
Unidentified Pig Taihu China Taihu River Valley, Jiangsu Province (including Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan)
Small East African Zebu Taita/Taveta Lowland (Coastal) zebu
Unidentified Buffalo Taiwan
Variety/Ecotype Taiwan Country Breed
Unidentified Pig Taiwan Small Red
Unidentified Pig Taiwan Small-ear
Unidentified Buffalo Tajikistan Yak
Fat-tailed Sheep Taleshi Roudbari
Lop-eared goats Tali
Unidentified Buffalo Tamarao Anoa mindorensis; Tamaraw; Mindoro Buffalo
Variety/Ecotype Tanga
Unidentified Pig Tangzhui
Developed goat breeds Tanzanian Blended Goat Blended, Malya blended
Unidentified Dromedary Camel Tanzanian Camel Camel/Tanzania
Unidentified Pig Tanzanian local pig
Small East African Zebu Tanzanian Maasai Maasai Grey, Maasai
Unidentified Pig Taoyuan T'Ao-Yuan, Lung-Tan-Po, Chung-li
Unidentified Buffalo Tarai
Commercial Composites Tarentaise
Small East African Zebu Tarime Shashi
Variety/Ecotype Tau Vang chicken Yellow Chinese Chicken
Commercial Composites Taurin de Sayam