Sudanese Fulani


오류 메시지

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Peul-Fulani, Bogoro Fulani, Fulani-Nam, White Umboroa, Misse, Segou, Baouro, Bourgou, Toronke, Sambourou, Seno, Kaarta
Special Characteristics: 
Trek distances of up to 300 km in search of grazing and water.
Main Location: 
Found all over southern and south-western Mali, along the flood plains of the Niger river from Segon to Timbiktu; also found in the Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso where interbreeding with the humpless cattle takes place.
Similar in origin to the Gobra of Senegal, with which it merges in transition zones; also interbreeds with the Azaouak cattle in eastern Mali during seasonal migrations.