오류 메시지

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Special Characteristics: 
This breed is the largest of the Egyptian sheep breeds. Its coat colour is brown that fades with age; occasionally white spots are found on the head. External ears are absent; facial profile is convex. Rams have long horns that curve downwards, but the females are usually polled. The tail is large and twisted (Mason, 1967).
Main Location: 
The breed is common throughout Lower Egypt and northern parts of Upper Egypt, especially in Beheira province in the north-west of the Nile delta (Mason, 1967).
The original stock of this breed is beleived to have been introduced from similar sheep populations in northern Syria and southern Turkey. The breed was first introduced into Egypt in the 19th century and is named after Rahmania, a village in Beheria governorate in the north of the Nile Delta (Galal, 1987).