Mauritius Creole


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Special Characteristics: 
They are mainly kept for milk. Creole are small to medium in size; cows weigh 400 kg; bulls, 500 kg. They have a fine bone structure and bulging eyes (probably because they are kept in the dark). They are usually white or black-rimmed ears, but there are also some brown and red pied individuals (Felius, 1995).
Main Location: 
The breed is found only in Mauritius and raised mainly by smallholder farmers of mainly Indian origin. The animals are always maintained in house, and sometimes only in dark sheds for a large part of their entire life.
The Mauritius Creole is believed to have descended from early importations of Normande and Breton cattle to the island of Mauritius by French settlers, who colonised the island during the period 1721-1810. Some of the original stock is also known to have originated from Norway (Hulman, 2001). Although humpless, they may also carry some zebu or sanga blood, which was probably introduced to the island from the 16th century onwards (Felius, 1995).