Southern Kazakhstan Merino


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Main Location: 
Distributed in 15 districts of Zhambul and Shymkent (Southern-Kazakhstan ) Regions.
It was developed in the period of 1932 – 1933, when native fat-tailed coarse wool ewes were crossed with New-Caucasus Fine Wool sires. Later (1946-1948) the crossbred animals were mated to sires representing different fine wool breeds, including the Caucasian, Altay, Stavropol, Grozniy, Soviet Merino and in 1971, to the Australian Merino. Crossbreeding followed by selection improved wool quality and fineness. During the breed development process, attention was paid to the need to manage young animals under year-round grazing conditions. Two outstanding lines were developed during the process; the Merken and the Kuyuk, which were registered in 1994 and 1996, respectively.