Present Use: 
For reproduction, cash income, consumption and manure and indirect use in tick control and cleaning the environment.
A sub-moist agroecological zone. It is a high potential cereal based crop-livestock mixed farmaing system with tef, wheat and pulses as the main crops and cattle, sheep, chicken, donkey and horse being the major animals in the area.
878 mm per year
2400 m a.s.l.
Main Location: 
Chefe Donsa is located in the central highlands of Ethiopia and the major agro-ecological zone is sub-moist. The name of the ecotype "Chefe" is originated from the name of a city situated in the center of the Chefe Donsa market shed called "Chefe". The agricultural practice in the area is crop-livestock mixed agriculture, tef, wheat and pulses as the main crops in the area and characterized as the high-potential cereal/livestock zone.