South African Savannah Goat


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South African Lop-eared
Special Characteristics: 
A medium to large white lop-eared goat with a thick pliable skin and a short smooth coat. Fertility with good mothering ability. Ewes kid on the veld and bond well with their young. They are efficient foragers. Even temperament-easy care maximum profit. Quality skin (Ramsay et al., ND).
Main Location: 
This breed has a breed society established in 1993 and the animals are maintained by commercial goat farmers in South Africa (Ramsay et al., ND).
The development of this white savannah goat started on the farm of Messrs D S U Cilliers and Sons in 1955 in a minimum-care environment close to the Vaal River where the animals were expected to adapt, survive and breed on typical Savannah veld. Local Multi-coloured lop-eared goats were used in the foundation herd and the result was a fertile, heat and parasite tolerant, drought resistant goat with a good meat quality (Ramsay et al., ND).
South Africa