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Coarse Wool Sheep
Special Characteristics: 
A hardy, easy care, large framed breed with a distinctive white face, large ears, well pigmented eyelids, strong white legs and a light woollen fleece; it is a fertile and non-seasonal breeder (Ramsay et al., n.d.).
Main Location: 
Found in northern Cape Province of South Africa; the normal production environment is semi-arid grassveld to Karoo veld (Ramsay et al., n.d.).
The Vandor was developed in 1944 by crossing the Van Rooy with the Dorset Horn to produce an adapted white wooled composite that would combine the qualities of wool and mutton with the ability to survive the arid conditions of the northern Cape province. In the 1957/58 season, a German Merino ram was introduced into the breeding programme for one year to improve both wool and mutton qualities. The breed society was established in 1968, and the breed was recognized in 1977 (Ramsay et al., n.d.).