Congo Dwarf/Angola Dwarf


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Small East African Meat Goat
Special Characteristics: 
The short-coated Congo Dwarf goat stands at only 40-50 cm at the withers, but in the Savannah it may reach a height of 60-70 cm, suggesting that its size is dependent on the environment rather than on race. It is generally characterized by a black-and-white colour pattern, less frequently by a brown or black coat; a short head with prominent forehead; occasionally polled or furnished with short scimitar-like or twisted horns; short erect ears; absence of a beard: occasional presence of throat lappets: a large chest, and a plump; very compact and well covered body standing on short straight or crooked legs. The milking qualities are negligible (Epstein, 1971).
Main Location: 
The short-coated Dwarf goat of the Congo occupies the eastern part of the country on the Upper Uele and Upper Ituri rivers, and also the vicinity of Lake Kivu in Burundi and the area north and west of Lake Tanganyika (Epstein, 1971).