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Special Characteristics: 
Large body size of up to 60 kg for males and 43 kg for females; convex facial profile; horn well developed and diverging in males, but smaller and scimitar shaped in females; ears are lopped or semi-lopped with rounded tips; both males and females are bearded; coat colour is variable, and the coat hair is short (Wilson, 1991).
Main Location: 
The breed is restricted to a small area known as Pafuri in south-west Mozambique, near the border with South Africa and Zimbabwe; total population is not known but numbers are probably very few; this area has semi-arid to arid subtropical climate with annual uni-modal rainfall of less than 400 mm; the production system is agro-pastoral to transhumant (Wilson, 1991).
The Pafuri resulted from crossing of imported Boer males and indigenous Landim females. The Boers were introduced from northern Transvaal of South Africa in 1928 (Wilson, 1991).