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Ceylonese; Sri Lankan; Ceylon
Special Characteristics: 
Since Lankan buffalo phenotypic features are similar to the swamp type they can be classified as the swamp type. But they posses 50 chromosomes, which indicate genotypic similarity to the river type. Local buffaloes can be divided into 3-4 different strains on the basis of phenotypic characters. These strains are geographically isolated.
Main Location: 
Lanka buffalo could be seen island wide. However majority of the buffaloes are distributed in the dry zone especially in the district of Kunegala, Anuradhapura, Pollonnaruwa, Baticalo and Ampara.
Descendant of those introduced in the sixth century B.C by immigrants from North India and that Lankan wild buffaloes were probably domesticated ones which have become feral. Some have certified Lankan wild buffalo as a distinct sub species which is different from Indian wild buffaloes. There is another point that they are descendent of Domesticated buffaloes which have become feral. There are some pre historic evidences that suggest wild buffaloes were abundantly found in Sri Lanka, especially in Ratnapura area and Dry Zone. It is believed that these indigenous wild buffaloes were domesticated by the agricultural settlers. (Perera, et al 1989)