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Atacora (in Benin), Mango, Konkomba (in Togo).
Special Characteristics: 
Dwarf cattle with straight and compact body, long and narrow head that is often carried low. Short legs and long tail. Coat colour is mostly black.
Main Location: 
Found with the Somba tribe in the districts of Boukombe, Natitingou and Tanguiete around the Atacora mountain range of Benin. Also with the Tamberma people in Togo in Oti division, and in central and Kara regions. The Atacora mountain range is believed to have enabled the breed to be maintained pure.
A strain of the Savannah Shorthorn population in Benin and Togo. The Atacora highlands of north-western Benin are considered to be the original habitat of the Savannah Shorthorn, from where they have spread over the savannah, forest and lagoon areas of West Africa (Felius, 1995).