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Special Characteristics: 
Small framed, naturally polled, fat-tailed sheep with a flat, shallow body and long legs; the fat tail is usually long and straight, although variations in tail shape do occur; coat colour varies from uniform brown through white with a red to brown head, to a variety of black and white patterns; the most common colour is white with a red-brown head, which resulted from selection for this trait in the foundation flock at Stellenbosch (Ramsay et al., n.d.).
Main Location: 
Found in the Southern Province of South Africa. A flock of Pedi sheep was established and maintained at the Stellenbosch breeding station in Sekukhuneland in the Northern province and a second flock was established for recording and evaluation purposes on the farm Delftzyl near Roedtan in the Northern province in the mid-1980s (Ramsay et al., n.d.).
The fat-tailed Pedi sheep arrived in South Africa between 200 and 400 AD with the Bapedi people who migrated southwards into the Northern province of South Africa and settled in the area south of Soutpansberg (Ramsay et al., ND).