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Special Characteristics: 
Resembles the Dongola sheep of the Sudan and appears to be intermediate between the Sudan Desert and Ethiopian Highland type sheep; typically the breed is polled, but the rams occasionally have open spiral horns; ears are semi-pendulous; body size is medium; coat colour is usually white; facial profile is nearly straight; the straight tail extends below the hocks, and during the rainy season fat may accumulate at its base (Epstein, 1971).
Main Location: 
This breed is maintained by the Arab tribes in the Keren area of northern Eritrea (Mason and Maule, 1960).
Its partial hairiness (with some coarse wool) as well as the seasonal accumulation of fat at the base of tail suggests its origin may be related to the wooled thin-tailed sheep of north Africa and the Sahara as well as fat-tailed sheep of the East African highlands.