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Mozambique (Landim=Landrace in Portuguese), Small East African
Small East African Meat Goat
Special Characteristics: 
Relatively large in size (65 cm height and weight of 50 kg for males and 35 – 40 kg for females); head is fairly heavy; facial profile is concave in females and slightly convex in males; 96% of the animals are horned but 31% have only rudimentary horns or scurs; horns grow upwards and backwards; ears are medium in length and carried erect or horizontal; toggles present in 7% of both sexes; all males and only 12% of females have beards; males have short, stiff mane extending down backline; neck is short and thick; back is short but croup is fairly long and sloping; coat colour is variable, but commonly dark brown, black, pied, white, yellow and mixed; coat hair is usually short and fine (Wilson, 1991).
Main Location: 
Confined to Mozambique, south of the Limpopo and in Tete province; the climate is semi-arid to subhumid with uni-modal rainfall is subtropical southern Mozambique; the production system is agro-pastoral; the total population of this goat type is probably less than 400,000 (Wilson, 1991).