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Huanhu yak in Qinghai
Special Characteristics: 
Main Location: 
Found in the transitional zone around the Qinghai Lake in Qinghai province where the grasslands are predominantly semi-arid and consist of meadow pasture and neighboring areas consist of Gobi and semi-Gobi pastures.
It is believed that herds of this strain were domesticated and transferred to this area by the Qiang people, the predecessors of the present Tibetans, and by the Tufan people, beginning 10,000 years ago up through their later migrations. Around 310 A.D., Mongolian immigrants used Mongolian cattle to hybridize with the local yak to improve the relatively low productivity of the animals. The Huanhu contains some remnants of cattle blood from the time of its origins, and this may account for some of its differences from the plateau Yak.