all Horn Description Traits

Sex Mean SD SE SS Trait Value Location MCsort descending
Ewe Are polled or carry only rudimentary horns. Ethiopian Highland, Abyssinian, Ethiopia
Overall Gigantic, bulbous and conical. Porous and light. Unspecified-1402883370, Chad
Overall 0.00 0.00 0.00 0 Horns are strong, of moderate length and placed moderately apart with a gradual backward curve. Horns are round and solid and darkly coloured. Unspecified-1402883399, South Africa
Overall Present or absent in males, if present they usually have only one twist; females usually polled but if horns are present they are usually straight and flat. Rhodesian (obsolete synonym), Zimbabwe
Overall Only 29% of the rams have spiral horns, the rest are polled. Unspecified-1402883449, Turkey
Overall Short and thick, often pointing downward. Unspecified-1402883376, Ethiopia
Overall Project outwards, upwards and slightly forwards. The horns are of medium length and generally round in cross section. Unspecified-1402883389, Swaziland
Overall Extremely long horns, lyre or crescent-shaped sometimes forming a complete circle. Unspecified-1402883386, Ethiopia
Overall Big at base, short, round and pointed: cylindrical in males, oval in females. Loose horns exist. Polled animals are common. Unspecified-1402883374, Togo
Overall Horns are triangular in males, almost all which possess them loosely spiralled and long; only 5.6 percent of females (n=581) carry small horns. Unspecified-1402883411, Togo