all Horn Description Traits

Sex Mean SD SE SS Trait Value Location MC
Overall Small spiral and flattened, sometimes absent. Unspecified-1402883424, Morocco
Overall Horns are absent in ewes and often in rams, which have mostly weak horns. Murle, Turkana, Gabbra, Uruguay On Station
Male Have prominent spiral horns very similar to those of the KIvIrcIk Unspecified-1402883451, Turkey
Overall Medium size; curved outwards and upwards, with and outward turn at the tip (lyre-horn) Bunaji (Hausa), Yakanaji (Fulani), White Kano, Nigeria
Ewe Ewes are generally hornless (only 1 – 2% are horned) Unspecified-1402883446, Turkey
Overall Horns are short and thin and project outwards and upwards from the head and slightly forward. Polled animals are fairly common. Unspecified-1402883372, Sudan On Station
Overall Most male goats have straight horns (85%) oriented backwards (77%). There are 12% polled males in the population. Unspecified-1402883406, Ethiopia
Overall Both sexes are polled. Hamdani, Turkmenistan
Overall A great number of Kenana cattle are polled and some show loose horns about eight inches long. Unspecified-1402883376, Sudan
Overall Usually absent in both sexes: when present they are short or occur just as scurs. Unspecified-1402883412, Uganda